Public Health Committee
April 21, 2005-8:00A

HB 677
    For:      Camp, Victoria (Texas Association Against Sexual
              Maedgen, Amanda (ACLU of Tx)
              Sanders, Mary Ann (Self)
    On:       Bednar, Cindy (Dept of State Health Srvs)

HB 1719
    For:      Berry, Jorey (March of Dimes, Texas Chapter)
              Kelley, Kelli (Self and March of Dimes TX Chapter)

HB 2180
    For:      Baker, Lori (Baylor University)
              Kelly, Ph.D., Jess (Self and Baylor University)
              Wallace, Susan (Baylor Univ)

HB 2997
    For:      Chelvam, Michelle (Self)
              Dokupil, Susanna (Self)
              Emick, Stacey (Texas Right to Life)
    Against:  Barraza, Polin C. (Planned Parenthood of San Antonio
              Crowden, William A (Planned Parenthood of Waco)
              Hays, Susan (Self)
              Riddering, Hannah (Self and Texas National Organization
                   for Women)
    On:       Albright, Alex (Self)
              Bednar, Cindy (Dept of State Health Services)
              Harris, Geraldine R (Tx Dept of State Health Svc / Vital
                   Statistics Unit)
              Herman, Guy (Self)