Public Health Committee
April 20, 2005-2:00P

HB 173
    For:      Bacon, Tim (TX. State Teachers Assoc)
              Bower, Bruce (Texas Senior Advocacy Coalition)
              Dieter, Alison (Self and Austin Gray Panthers)
              Martinez, Josephine S. (Self)
              Metzger, Luke (Texas Public Interest Research Group
              Potts, Luke N. (Self)
              Shadwick, Jenelle (Catholic Charaties of the Archdiocese
                   of Galveston-Houston)
              Timmaryn, Mini (Houston ACORN)
    Against:  Graves, Timothy R. (BioHouston. Inc.)
              Kowalski, Tom (Texas Healthcare and Bioscience
              Reagan, Karen (Texas Federation of Drug Stores)
              Wisniewski, Anthony C. (PhRMA)
              Zamrazil, Kristie (TEXAS PHARMACY ASSOCIATION)
    On:       Dodson, RPh, Gay (Texas State Board of Pharmacy)

HB 820
    Against:  Horne, Allen (Caremark Rx)
              Reagan, Karen (Texas Federation of Drug Stores)
              Zamrazil, Kristie (TX Pharmacy Association)
    On:       Dodson, RPh., Gay (Texas State Board of Pharmacy)
              Tannert, Karen (Tx. Dept. of State Health Services)

HB 2479
    For:      Diggles, Walter G. (Self and ONE STAR National Service
              Johnson, Byron (Self)
    Against:  Miller, Kathy (Texas Freedom Network)
              Moorhead, Bee (Texas Impact)
    On:       Paynter, Suzii (Christian Life Commission Baptist
                   General Convention of TX)

HB 2500
    Against:  Wisniewski, Anthony C. (PhRMA)
    On:       Boston, Natasha (Legislative Budget Board)
              Garcia, Olga (Health and Human Services Commission)

HB 3089
    For:      Frick, Dale W. (Atlantic Shores Healthcare)
    Against:  Brady, Denise (Mental Health Association in Texas)
              Hayes, Aaryce (Advocacy Inc and Tx Mental Health
              O'Connor, Caroline (Texas State Employees Union)
    On:       Dudley, Kenny (Dept State Health Services - State
                   Hospital Section)
              Lovelace, Joe (NATIONAL Alliance for The Mentally Ill
              Sanderson, Senator Debby P. (Self)

HB 3174
    For:      Caldwell, Jim (Texas Silver Haired Legislators)
              Gonzales, David (Healthcare Distribution Management
              Searle, David (Pfizer, Inc.)
    On:       Tennyson, Susan E. (Texas Department of State Health
                   Services Environmental and Consumer Safety Section)

HB 3326
    On:       Nash, RPh., Robert (Department of State Health Services)

HB 3391
    For:      Gusky, Susan (PhRMA)
              Wisniewski, Anthony C. (Pharmaceutical Research and
                   Manufacturers of America)
    On:       Dean, Barbara (Texas Health and Human Services
              Kirsch, Lisa (Texas Health and Human Services

SB 350
    For:      McClendon, Sidney (St. Martin's Episcopal Church)