Public Health Committee
April 13, 2005-2:00P

HB 972
    On:       Harwell, Jessica (Texas Bd of Chiropractic Examiners)
              Klein, Dr. Franz (Texas Chiropractic Association)
              Leroux, Emilie (Sunset Commission)
              Moss, James L. (Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners)
              Smith, Sandra (Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners)

HB 1040
    For:      Adams, VirGene K. (Self and Texas Pharmacy Association)
    On:       Dodson, Gay (Texas State Board of Pharmacy)
              Walraven, Joe (Sunset Advisory Commission)

HB 1366
    On:       Thomas, Katherine A. (Board of Nurse Examiners)

HB 1718
    For:      Jackson, Denise (Self and Association of Perioperative
                   Nurses (AORN), Tx Council of Perioperative Nurses,
                   Texas RNFA Network)
              Sjoberg, Elizabeth (Texas Hospital Association)
    On:       Thomas, Katherine A. (Board of Nurse Examiners)

HB 1944
    For:      Hill, Jr., M.D., C. Stratton (Texas Pain Society)
    Against:  Fellman, Marc (Self)
    On:       Bailey-Taylor, Shelia (State Office of Administrative
              Patrick, Donald (Texas State Board Of Medical Examiners)
              Strate MD, Susan M (Texas Medical Association)
              Wall, Matt (Texas Hospital Association)
              Whitten, Meredith (Sunset Advisory Commission)
              Woolbert, Lynda (Coalition for Nurses in Advanced
              Zaner, Karin M. (Self)

HB 2470
    For:      Epley, Eric (Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council
                   for Trauma)
              Stewart, MD, Ronald M. (Self)
    On:       Coleman, Ron (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Perkins, Kathryn C. (TX DEPT OF STATE HEALTH SERVICES)