Public Health Committee
April 7, 2005-8:00A

HB 790
    For:      Clow, Laura (Self)
              Clow, Les (Self and Kimberly H. Countwright and Joseph
                   W. Summers Institute of Metabolic Disease)
              Guillory, M.D., Charleta (March of Dimes)
              Osowski, Lillian B. (Self)
              Skidmore, Melissa (Self)
    Against:  Price, MD, P. Clift (Texas Pediatric Society and Texas
                   Medical Association)
              Vaughn, MD, MBA, Philip (Pediatrix Screening)
    On:       Hellerstedt, Dr. John (Health and Human Services
                   Commission (HHSC))
              Melton-Kissel, Jann (Texas Department of State Health
              Neill, Susan (Texas Department of State Health Services)
              Therrell, Ph.D., Brad (National Newborn Screening and
                   Genetics Resource Center)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Banda, Jennifer (Texas Hospital Association)
              Berry, Jorey (March of Dimes, Texas Chapter)
              Jones, Erin (OZ Systems)
              Midkiff, Sabrina (Houston March of Dimes)
              Woolbert, Lynda (Coalition for Nurses in Advanced
    Against:  Capelo, Jaime (Pediatrix Medical Group)
              Creswell, James S. (Pediatrix Medical Group of Texas)
              Scharmberg, MD, J. Todd (Pediatrix Medical Group of
              Shaffer, MD, Kenneth M (Childrens Cardiology Associates)

HB 1413
    For:      Levin, Ph.D., Susan B (Texas Assoc. for Marriage and
                   Family Therapy)
    On:       Hopson, Steve (Sunset Commission)
              Peterson, Debbie (Department of State Health Services
                   Professional Licensing)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Noble, Shannon (Texas Counseling Association)

HB 1535
    For:      Barnett, Mary M. (Consortium of Texas Certified Nurse
              Overton, C.P.M., Beth (Self and The Association of Texas
                   Midwives (A.T.M.))
              Youngblood, Jack (Texans for Midwifery)
    On:       Anderson, Ralph (Texas Association of Obstetrics and
                   Gynecology / Texas Medical Association)
              Feinleib, Yvonne (DSHS)
              Hampton, R. Moss (Tx Association of OB/gyn's, TMA)
              Trost, Amy (Sunset Advisory Commission)

HB 1752
    For:      Dumler, Dwight D. (Rent-A-Center, Inc)
              Macalpine Jr., James (Self)
    On:       Dillard, Annabelle (Department of State Health Services
                   Division of Regulatory Services)

HB 2706
    For:      Brozowsky, Diane (Self and Texas Physical Therapy
              Grant, CDA, RDH, Alicia (Texas Dental Hygienists'
              Hooser, Greg (Self and Texas Dietetic Association)
              Propes, Jay (Texas Opthalmological Assn.)
              Sorrenson, Dr. Laurie (Texas Optometric Association)
    Against:  Long, Dr. Jerry (Texas Dental Association)
              Schnabel, Charlie (Texas Academy of Pediatric Dentistry)
              Woolbert, Lynda (Coalition for Nurses in Advanced
    On:       Annis, M.D., Joseph (Texas Medical Association)
              Bresnen, Steve (Federation of Texas Psychiatry)
              Horton, Charles (Office of Patient Protection)
              Kelley, Laura (Office of Patient Protection)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Banda, Jennifer (Texas Hospital Association)
              Shute, Geoffrey M. (Self and Texas Association of
                   Psychological Associates)
    Against:  Pospisil, Scott (Texas Hearing Aid Assn.)
              Willmann, James (Texas Nurses Association)