Public Health Committee
February 9, 2005-2:00P

Panel 1
    On:       Bell, Dr. Charles E. (HHSC - Health and Human Services
              Curry, Nick (TX Dept of State Health Services)
              Hawkins, Albert (HHSC - Health and Human Services
              Murdock, Steve (Office of the State Demographer, UTSA)
              Perryman, Ray (Self and Economic Consultant)

Panel 2
    On:       Allen, M.D., Bohn D. (Texas Medical Association)
              Harrington, Ph. D, Marilyn S. (Self and University of
                   Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Dean,
                   School of Allied Health Services)
              Jordan, MSN RN, Clair B. (Texas Nurses Association)
              Stultz, Dr. Dan (Texas Hospital Association)