Natural Resources Committee
May 9, 2005-2:00P

HB 2815
    For:      Bates, Devin (City of San Angelo)
              Hoelscher, Steven (Self)
              Jones, A.J. (Concho River Basin Water Conservancy)

HB 3587
    For:      Roberts, David (Bower Family Ranches, Ltd and Northern
                   Star Investors V, LLC)

SB 3
    For:      Blair, A.W. (Al) (Texas Irrigation Council)
              Hess, Myron (National Wildlife Federation)
              James, Jerry (City of Victoria)
              Kelly, Mary E. (Environmental Defense)
              Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club)
              Langford, David K. (Self and Texas Wildlife Association)
              Potts, Robert J. (Edwards Aquifer Authority)
              Robbins, Dean (Texas Water Conservation Association)
              Sherman, Lynn (The City of Lubbock)
    Against:  Carlson, Pat (Tarrant County Republican Party)
              Clark, Dennis (Emerald Underground Water Conservation
              Conkwright, Jim (High Plains Underground Water
                   Conservation District No. 1)
              Dohmann, Art (Goliad County Groundwater Conservation
              Everheart, Harvey (Mesa Underground Water Conservation
              Gerstenschlager, Merry Lynn (Texas Eagle Forum -
                   Education Liason)
              Richter, William (Bill) (Water Research Group)
              Runge, Caroline (Menard County Underground Water
                   District and West Texas Regional Groundwater
              Stansell, Wade (Association of Electrical Companies of
              Westbrook, Gary (Post Oak Savannah Groundwater
                   Conservation District)
    On:       Atkinson, Jarrett (City of Amarillo)
              Bowers, Richard (North Plains Groundwater Conservation
              Brittin, Carolyn (Texas Water Development Board)
              Caroom, Doug (El Paso Water Utilities and Canadian River
                   Municipal Water Authority)
              Chardavoyne, David (San Antonio Water System)
              Grant, John (Colorado River Municipal Water District)
              Jones, Kathy (Lone Star Groundwater Conservation
              Kosub, Steve (San Antonio Water System)
              Montford, John T. (San Antonio Greater Chamber of
              Patterson, Carol (Self)
              Rothe, Gregory (San Antonio River Authority)
              Vaughan, III, Ben (Coastal Conservation Association)
              Ward, J. Kevin (Texas Water Development Board)
              Williams, CE (Panhandle Groundwater District)
              Wisdom, Christina (Texas Chemical Council)