Natural Resources Committee
May 4, 2005-2:00P

HB 2876
    For:      Petersen, Ken (Texas Rural Water Association)

HB 3571
    For:      Bailey, Chuck (Water Texas)
              Baumann, Nicole (Self)
              Cates, Sunni (Self)
              Flume, Michael (Corazon Ranch)
              Langham, Annalee (Self)
              McCarthy, Ed (Zach Davis and McDaniel Farms)
              Robinson, Eric Wesley (Self)
              Terrill, Paul M. (Cecil and Toledo Boulware)
              Waldrip, Dib (Self and Comal County Judge Danny Scheer
                   and County Commissioner Jay Millikin)
    Against:  Allday, Martin (L.R. French, Jr.)
              Bland, Matt (Self and City of Brackettville)
              Boerschig, John P. (Self)
              Cooley, Roy (Self and Maverick County Water Control and
                   Improvement District #1)
              Garza, Joe N. (City of Brackettville, Mayor)
              Hale, Chris (Self)
              Heiser, Harvey (JHJ, LLP)
              Hicks, Renea (Prototype Corp./Randolph Co.)
              Hilderbran, Vic (Self)
              Johnson, Jay J. (West Texas Springs Alliance)
              Morain, Gene J. (Self)
              Morain, Jane (West Texas Springs Alliance and The Border
              Senne, Judge Herb (Self and Kinney County Commissioners
              Simpson, Jack (Kinney County Ground Water District)
              Smith, Ray E. (Grass Valley Water, LLC.)
              Sorola, David V. (City of Del Rio, Texas)
              Ward, Diana (Self)
              Ward, Richard C. (Self)
              Wylie, Francie (Self)
              York, Jr., Joe (Kinney County Farmers and Ranchers
    On:       Musick, Steve (Texas Commission on Evironmental Quality)

HB 3578
    For:      Kugle, Julianne (Avex Development)

HB 3580
    For:      Stone, Spencer (Kings Crossing Developers)

HB 3582
    For:      Kugle, Julianne (Navo Denton, Inc.)

HB 3583
    For:      Kugle, Julianne (Prime Tex Realty Group, Inc.)

HB 3586
    For:      Freeman, Ron (Commerce Properties, Inc. and Tim