Local Government Ways & Means Committee
April 18, 2006-9:00A

Interim Charge #4
    On:       Alfred, Everette "Bo" (Jefferson County Commissioners
              Allison, Jim (County Judges & Commissioners Association
                   of Texas)
              Brock, Euline (City of Denton)
              Clark, Laura (City of Beaumont)
              Cook, Vernon (Roberts County)
              Duplant, Max (City of Beaumont)
              Gosnell, Debbie (City of Cross Plains)
              Hamlin, Marc (Texas Association of Counties)
              Ingham, Greg (City of Plainview)
              Johnson, Judy Gray (City of Houston)
              Jouett, Maureen (City Council & Citizens of Killeen)
              Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)
              Mashburn, Sherry (Village of Bee Cave)
              Narvaiz, Susan (City of San Marcos)
              Pardue, Craig (Dallas County Commissioners Court)
              Thompson, John (County Judges & Commissioners
                   Association of Texas)