Local Government Ways & Means Committee
April 27, 2005-8:00A

HB 2244
    For:      Carpenter, David (American Electric Power Company)
    Against:  Gill, David (TXU Electric Delivery Co.)
              Jewell, Michael (Direct Energy, CPL Retail Energy, WTU
                   Retail Energy, Reliant & Alliance for Retail
              Oldham, Phillip (Texas Coalition for Competitive

HB 2244 - Committee Substitute (CSHB2244)
    For:      Carr, Snapper (TX Municipal League)

HB 2326
    For:      Robinson, Jim (Self and Harris Co. Appraisal Dist.)

HB 2638
    For:      Aghamalian, Brandon (City of Fort Worth)
    On:       Welch, Ken (Comptroller)

HB 2779
    For:      Leininger, David (City of Irving)
              McCullough, Steve (City of Irving)

HB 3187
    For:      Barrera, Enrique (City of San Antonio)
              Martinez, Dennis (San Antonio Public Library Foundation)