Local Government Ways & Means Committee
April 20, 2005-8:00A

HB 1773
    For:      Maynard, Walter (Somervell County)

HB 2575
    For:      Katz, Howard (Harris County ISD 48)
              Windish, Fred (Ponderosa Volunteer Fire department
                   Emergency Services District 28/Harris County Spring
                   Val Fire Dep)

HB 2628
    For:      Smith, Jody (Town of Flower Mound)
    Against:  Norman, Scott (Texas Association of Builders)
              Standerfer, Greg (Standerfer Law Firm, P. C.)

HB 2800
    For:      Eckels, Robert (Self)
    Against:  Richie, Carl (City of Houston)
    On:       Bartolotta, Michael (First Southwest Company)
              Luck, Oliver (Harris County Houston Sports Authority)