Land & Resource Management Committee
March 21, 2006-11:00A

Interim Charge #3
    For:      Hailey, Roy D. (Self)
              McCabe, John M. (National Conference of Commissioners on
                   Uniform State Laws)
              McKinney, Jr., J. Miles (Community Associations of the
                   Woodlands, Texas)
              McLin, Amy (Self and Texas College of Real Estate
                   Attorneys; CAI; Texas Legislative Action Committee)
              Reuler, Sharon (Texas College of Real Estate Attorneys &
                   Committee on Property Owners Associations of State
    Against:  Adolph, Irene "Beanie" (hoadata.org)
              Craig, Jr., Richard W. (Self and Texas Homeowner
                   Advocate Group)
              Gatlin, Barbara (Self)
              Jones, Harvella (The Texas Homeowner's Advocate Group)
              MacInnes, Kathy (THAG)
              MacInnes, Neil (Kathy MacInnes & THAG)
              McCorkle, Amy (The Texas Homeowner's Advocate Group)
              McCorkle, Clark (The Texas Homeowners Advocate Group)
              McGarr, Mary (Self)
              Walker, Ron (Texas Association of Realtors)
    On:       Arabie, Joe (Self and TX AFL-CIO)
              Carr, Mindy (Texas Land Title Association)
              Grucza, Paul D. (Self and C.A.I. and My Company: CMA)
              Norman, Scott (Texas Association of Builders)
              Tompkins, Jeffrey T. (POA Committee of State Bar)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Barsalou, Austin (Texas College of Real Estate
              Davies, Thomas I. (Self and Texas College of Real Estate
    On:       Mahoney, Tim (Texas Neighborhoods Together)