Land & Resource Management Committee
July 5, 2005-1:00P

HJR 19
    For:      Byfield, Dan (American Land Foundation)
              Byfield, Dan (Charly Seale - Exotic Wildlife
              Byfield, Dan (Maria Favia del Core Borromeo - Exotic
                   Wildlife Assoc.)
              Colyandro, John (Texas Conservative Coalition)
              Dixon, Patrick (Libertarian Party of Texas)
              DiBianca, Arthur (Libertarian Party of Texas)
              Gaines, Jimmy (Texas Landowners' Council, Inc.)
              Gore, Wright (Western Seafood Co.)
              Howard, Robert (Libertarian Party of Texas)
              Jones, Carol (Self)
              Langford, David, K. (Self and Texas Wildlife
              Martinez, Maria (Self)
              Morris, Judy (Self)
              Peacock, Bill (Texas Public Policy Foundation)
              Ullrich, Heidi (Citizens Against the Trans-Texas
              Ullrich, Heidi (CorridorWatch.org)
              Van Os, David (Self)
    Against:  Casto, Larry (City of Dallas)
              Forbes, Scott (Port of Houston Authority)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Chick, Craig (Texas Assoc. of Realtors)
              Costello, Sal (People for Efficient Transportation)
              Miksa, Mary (Texas Association of Business)
              Norman, Scott (Texas Association of Builders)
              Phenix, Billy (Texas Land & Mineral Owners' Association)
              Samuelson, Randy, A. (Young Conservatives of Texas)
              Zimmerman, Don (Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas)
    Against:  Igo, Shanna (Texas Municipal League)