Judiciary Committee
May 2, 2005-2:00P

HB 2124
    For:      Jones, Emily (Self and Texas Access to Justice
              Mock, Nelson (Self)
    Against:  Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)
              Pichinson, Michael (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)

HB 3557
    For:      Olson, Judge Rory (Self)
              Perkins, Kathi (Ct. Coordinator if)

SB 165
    For:      Cromwell, Dennis M. (Self)
              Goodman Manger, Barbara (Self)
              Hickman, Ron (Self and Justices of the Peace and
                   Consables Assoc of Texas)
              Weeks, Carl (Self and Texas Process Servers Association)
    Against:  Adelstein, Larry (Self)
              Deel, Billy D. (Self)
              Gammon, William B. (Self)
              McCurry, W.F. (Self)
              McMichael, Dana (Self and Assured Civil Process Agency)
              Murphy, Jim (see copy of signed petition 43 process
                   servers and lawyers information on petition)
              Pendergrass, Tod (Self and Certified Civil Process
                   Servers Assoc.)
              Placek, R. Scott (Self)
    On:       Hobbs, Lisa (Supreme Court of Texas)
              Kuntz Jr., William H. (Texas Department of Licensing and
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Anderson, Robert E. (Self)
              Campos Jr., Charlie (Self and South Texas Justices of
                   the Peace and Constables Assoc)
              Chism, John E. (Self)
              Freeman, Gary (Self and Justice of the Peace and
                   Constables Asso. of Tx.)
              Keeney, Rick (Professional Civil Process of Texas Inc.)
              Lacey, Cecil (Self and Harris Co. Pct. #4 Constable's
              Watson, Andrew (Self)
              Weeks, Michael (Self)
    Against:  Duval Jr., Morris (Self)
              Foreman, Lannie R. (Self)
              Gairo, Anthony (Self)
              Ronje, Santos (Self)

SB 307
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Brady, Denise (Mental Health Association in Texas)
              Mitchell, Beth (Advocacy, Inc.)

SB 451
    On:       Kilgo, Elizabeth (Texas Judicial Council)