Judiciary Committee
March 30, 2005-2:00P

HB 934
    On:       Henderson, Mary T. (The Texas Attorney General)

HB 1686
    For:      Schraub, BB (Self and Presiding Judges)
              Underwood, Olen (Presiding Judges of Regions)

HB 2011
    For:      Lehmann, Jeff (Self)

HB 2256
    For:      Spratt-Anderson, Melanie (Self)

HB 2474
    For:      Morris, Rick (District Courts of Bell Co.)

HB 2913
    For:      Klager, James E. (Self)
              Little, Tyner (Nueces County Commissioners Court)

HB 3240
    For:      Brigance, John (Texas Bankers Association- Trust
              May, Gordon D. (Self and Frost National Bank, Trustee-
                   Austin Branch)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Pratka, Hampton (The Frost National Bank (San Antonio))

HJR 87
    On:       Willing, Seana (State Commission on Judicial Conduct)