Insurance Committee
(SUBCOMMITTEE ON Auto Insurance)
April 13, 2005-8:00A

HB 693
    Against:  Gilbert, Bo (Independent Insurance Agents of Texas)
              Patterson, Steve (State Farm Insurance)

HB 1390
    Against:  Woods, Joe (Property Casualty Insurers Assn. of Am.)
    On:       Floyd, Beaman (USAA, State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide,
                   American Insurance Association)
              Presley, Philip (Texas Department of Insurance)

HB 2437
    For:      Cohen, Martin (Loya Insurance Group)
              Loya, Fred (Fred Loya Insurance)
    On:       Presley, Philip (Texas Department of Insurance)

HB 2766
    For:      Cernosek, Larry (Self and Texas Towing and Storage
              Rash, Jeanette (Texas Towing and Storage Assoc.)
    Against:  Floyd, Beaman (USAA, NAtionwide, State Farm, Allstate,
                   American Insurance Assoc.)
    On:       Hamilton, Marilyn (Texas Department of Insurance)

HB 3300
    For:      Gohr, Marty (Affirmative Insurance Holdings)
              McCall, Thomas A. (Old American County Mutual Fire
                   Insurance Company)
              Moon, Keith (Affirmative Insurance)
    On:       Patterson, Steve (State Farm Insurance)