Higher Education Committee
May 2, 2006-10:00A

Interim Charge 4
    On:       Brunjes, Jim (Texas Tech University System)
              Escalante, Richard (University of North Texas System)
              Garcia, Rey (Texas Assn of Community Colleges)
              Gay, Jr., Vergel Lee (University of Houston System)
              Hooton, James (The Texas A&M University System)
              Kelley, Scott C. (The University of Texas System)
              Miller, John (LBB)
              Paredes, Dr. Raymund A. (Texas Higher Education
                   Coordinating Board)
              Pickelman, John (TACC)
              Shepard, Mr. Bob (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
              Smith, Roland (Texas State University System)
              Valek, Millicent (TACC)