Higher Education Committee
April 4, 2005-8:00A

HB 130
    For:      McSwain, Dr. James A. (Self and Texas IB Schools
                   Organization Houston ISD)
              Newman, Thomas (Texas International Baccalureate Schools
                   & Hurst-Euliss-Bedford ISD, Euliss, Texas)
              Weinberg, Tracy (Texas Association for the Gifted and
    Against:  Gerstenschlager, MerryLynn (Self and Texas Eagle
                   Forum-Education Liaison)

HB 295
    For:      Conner, Charles J. (Alamo CCD-(Chairman of Board))
              Kaplan, Trustee, Au, Allen (Self)

HB 381
    For:      Herrington, Tina (Sealy Independent School District)
    On:       McCrohan, Betty (Wharton Co. Jr. College)
              Voelter, Donald E. (Blinn College)

HB 1013
    For:      Brockman, John (Coastal Bend College)
              Hodge, Ann (Katy Area Chamber Of Commerce)
              Jackson, Dr. Diane (Spring Branch ISD)
              Kovacs, City Manage, Michael (City of Port Aransas)
              Neblett, Mayor City, Georgia (City of Port Aransas)
              Winkler, Sarah (Self and Alief Independent School
              Yeamans, Asa (Self)
    Against:  Vasquez, Elias R. (City of Robstown)
    On:       Garcia, Carlos A. (Del Mar College)
              Pickelman, John E. (Self and Texas Association of
                   Community Colleges)
              Williams, Dr. Michael (Houston Community College)
              Wrenn, Melvin G (Self)

HB 1409
    For:      Davis, Lonnie B. (Self and Prairie View Leadership,
                   Education & Legal Foundation)
              Neblett, Cory (Self)
              Queen, Rev. Simeon L. (Self and Prairie View A&M
                   University International Alumni Foundation)
              Ross, Steven (Prairie View Alumni Club of Austin)
              Swindell, Charles B. (Self and Prairie View Alumni)
    On:       Jackson, Frank D (Prairie View A&M University)

HB 1737
    For:      Benavidez, Manuel (South Texas College Starr County
              Gonzalez, Nick (South Texas College)
              Mejia, Juan E. (South Texas College)

HB 1829
    For:      McDonald, Carol L. (Independent Colleges and
                   Universities of Texas, Inc)

HB 2041
    On:       Hindman, James (Angelo State University)
              Matthews, Charles (Self and Texas State University
                   System Sul Ross & Angelo State Universities)
              Morgan, R. Vic (Sul Ross State University)

HB 2221
    For:      Adler, Chris (Del Mar College)
              Brockman, John (Coastal Bend College)
              Garcia, Carlos (Del Mar College)
              Rivas, Gabriel (Del Mar College Board Of Regents)
    Against:  Guillory, County Judge Glenn (Aransas County)
              Kovacs, City Manage, Michael (City of Port Aransas)
              Neblett, Mayor City, Georgia (City of Port Aransas)
              Pearson, Todd (City of Rockport)
              Simpson, Judge Terry (Self and San Patricio County)
              Vasquez, Elias R. (City of Robstown)
              Yeamans, Asa (Self)
    On:       Moore, Julie W. (Occidental Petroleum Corporation)
              Storie, Gene (OAG)
              Tays, Sara (Exxon Mobil Corporation)

HB 2287
    For:      Moczygemba, Joey (Natalia ISD)
    Against:  Bennett, Blaine (Southwest Tx. Jr. College)
              Gonzales, Hector (Southwest Texas Junior College)

HB 2333
    For:      Clements, Maureen (Self and ITT Technical Institute)
              Gallerson, Paulette (Self and ITT Technical Institute -
              Giblin, Harvey Michael (Self and Texas Culinary Academy
                   & Career Colleges & Schools of Texas)
              Obenhaus, Robert E. (Self and MTI College of Business &
              Reed, Bruce A. (Self and Career Colleges & Schools of
              Sheets, Brent (Self and Career Schools & Colleges)

HB 2808
    On:       Heckmann, Lynette (Texas Higher Educ Coordinating Board)