Higher Education Committee
March 29, 2005-8:00A

HB 20
    On:       Perry, Bill (Texas A&M University)

HB 495
    For:      Fisher, John (Central Texas University Task Force)
              Taylor, Pete (Central Texas University Task Force)
    On:       Sayavedra - Vice Ch, Leo (The Texas A&M University

HB 605
    On:       Calhoun, M.D. Presid, Kirk (UT Health Center Tyler)

HB 868
    On:       Andrews, Jean F. (Lamar University)
              Matthews, Charles (Texas State University System)

HB 1172
    Against:  Murray, Jeff (Texas A&M University Student Senate &
                   Legislative Relations Committee)
    On:       Kostoff, Kristine (LBB - Resource witness only)

HB 1214
    For:      Garcia, Dr Rey (Texas Assn of Community Colleges)

HB 1215
    On:       Hudson, Tim (University of Houston - Victoria)

HB 1697
    For:      Carter, Janis (Texas Instruments)
              Dickey, H. Thomas (Self and Texas Engineering &
                   Technology Consortium)

HB 2274
    On:       Combs, Neal (Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation)
              Hartman, Lori (Sunset Advisory Commission)
              McMillin, Sue (Texas Guaranteed Student Loan)