Government Reform Committee
July 26, 2006-9:30A

Status of HHSC eligibility system.
    On:       Abney Spelce, Kit (Insure-A-Kid)
              Aragon, Steve (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Barasch, Joan (Texas State Employees Union (TSEU))
              Berger, Melitta (Legislative Budget Board)
              Best, Barbara (Children's Defense Fund (CDF))
              Bujanda, Meryam (Methodist Healthcare Ministries)
              Burton, Leah (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Dunkelberg, Ann (Self and Center for Public Policy
                   Priorities (CPPP))
              Fisher, Larry (Self and Health and Human Services
              Foulds, Michael (Texas Pediatric Society; Texas Medical
              Hagert, Celia (Self and Center for Public Policy
                   Priorities (CPPP))
              Harvey, Lorna (Self)
              Hawkins, Albert (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Heiligenstein, Anne (Health and Human Services
              Hooper, Toby (Insure-A-Kid)
              Hudson, Jan (Self and Seton Health Plan)
              Kelley, Rita (Texas Association of Counties)
              Kight, Charles (Self and Community First Health Plans)
              Lane, Angie (Self)
              LeBrun, Aurora (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Lugo, Judy (Texas State Employees Union (TSEU))
              Miller, Jeffrey (Advocacy Incorporated)
              Oliva, Raquel (Self and Avance, Rio Grande Valley)
              Russell, Judy (Self)
              Scott, Jan (Texas Children's Health Plan)
              Smith, Elizabeth (Self and CHIP/Medicaid Community Based
              Stout, Mary Katherine (Self and Texas Public Policy
              Uhr, Richard (Self)
              Valdez, Rosemary (Self and Avance, Rio Grande Valley)
              Van Buren, Toni Marie (Self and United Way of San
                   Antonio and Bexar County)
              Venable, Peggy (Americans for Prosperity)
              Willis, Randall (Accenture LLP; Texas Access Alliance)