Government Reform Committee
March 7, 2005-1:00P

HB 81
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       O'Connell, John (Child Support Division, Office of the
                   Attorney General)

HB 1304
    For:      Davis, Jennifer (Self)
              Holcombe, Linda (Texas Industrial Vocational
              Wright, Carla (College of Cosmetology, Inc.)
    On:       Parker, Glenn (Board of Barber Examiners)
              Rouff, Michael (Texas Cosmetology Commission)

HB 1459
    For:      Smith, Tom (Public Citizens Texas)
    Against:  Cousins, Steven (Coca-Cola North America)
    On:       Taylor, Dub (State Energy Conservation Office,
                   Comptroller of Public Accounts)