Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
October 11, 2005-11:00A

Nuisance Abatement
    For:      Clouse, Richard (Budget Suites)
    Against:  Coleman, Willie Mae (Self)
    On:       Campbell, Ricardo (Self)
              Caraway, Dwaine (Self)
              Cornelius, Marshall L. (Self)
              Davenport, Dale (Self)
              Edmondson, Barbara (Self)
              Garner, John (Self)
              Johnson, Calvin D. (Self and Jim's Car Wash / Dale and
                   Freddy Davenport)
              Kunkle, David M. (Dallas Police Department)
              Mosser, James C. (Self)
              Murphy, Boby R. (Self)
              Perkins, Tom (City of Dallas)
              Pucci, Cheryl (Apt Association of Greater Dallas)
              Rowe, Robert (Self and Palcas Realty Co.)
              Scott, Thomas W. (The Wash Rack)
              Stefani, Steven A. (The Budget Suites of America)
              Tyler, Se-Gwen (Arlington Park Neighborhood Association
                   / Crime Watch)
              Vandivort II, Wm. B. (Bill) (Lake Highlands Area
                   Improvement Association)
              Waldrop, Ron E. (Dallas Police Department)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Miller, Vance C. (Self)
              Wortmanton, Travis (Self and William Harris)
    Against:  Crenshaw, Sandra (Self and 3 Cases Lee G. Bilal/
                   MyrtleVine/ Flying J)
              Harris, Willaim E. (Self)
    On:       Blake, Jerry (PDQ Service Inc. / Bachman Place Apts)
              Davenport, Freddy (Self)
              Jamal, Sam (Self)
              Jaxon, EJ (Self)
              Lydia, Bob (Dallas NAACP - President Dallas NAACP
              Makan, Hushmukh (Self and Big D)
              Morrison, Elsie (Self)
              Phillips, Russell (Self and Citizens National Bank of
              Phillips Jr., Leo (Self)
              Rike, Frederic Christopher (Self and Self Service Car
                   Wash of Texas)
              Wango, Hans (Self)