Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
May 3, 2005-2:00P

HB 781
    For:      Contreras, Roberto (Self)

HB 2258
    Against:  Epstein, Ruth (ACLU of Texas)
    On:       Gonzalez, Victor (First Amendment Coalition of Texas)

SB 56
    For:      McCown, Jana (Williamson County District Attorney)
              Wilkinson, Chip (Tarrant County District Attorney's

SB 560
    For:      Hampton, Keith S. (Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers
              Keilen, Andrea (Texas Defender Service)
    Against:  Breen, Terry (24th Judicial District Attorney's Office /
                   Ft. Bend County District Attorney's Office)
              Delmore, Bill (Harris County District Attorney's Office)
              Ennis, Vicki (Women's Center of Brazoria Co.)
              Kahan, Andy (Self)
              McCown, Jana (Williamson County District Attorney)
              Yenne, Jeri (Self)
    On:       Edmonds, Shannon (Texas District and County Attorney's
              Wilkinson, Edward L. (Tarrant County District Attorney)