Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
(SUBCOMMITTEE ON Enhancements)
April 21, 2005-2:00P

HB 1052
    For:      Wilson, Dennis D. (Self and Sherriffs' Association of

HB 1714
    For:      Armstrong, Bonnie (Self)
              Dittman, Mark F. (Self)
              Gerstenschlager, MerryLynn (Self and Texas Eagle Forum)
              Lapham, John "Jay" (Self)
              Turner, Matt (Self)
              Turner, Stacey (Self)
              Wilson, Dennis D. (Self and Sheriffs' Association of
    Against:  England, Samuel J. (ACLU of Texas)
    On:       Edmonds, Shannon (Texas District and County Attorneys

HB 1723
    For:      Lenz, Carole (Harris Couty, Commissioner Steve Radack)

HB 2222
    For:      Chapman, Jason Howard (Anderson County Sheriff's Office)
              Ferguson, Sherry (Self and Houston Humane Society)
              Garcia, Dave (SPCA of Texas)
              Marley, Melonie (Self)
              Medley, Vincent (Dallas Animal Services)
              Taylor, Greg (Anderson County Sheriff's Office)
              Timmers, Mark L. (Self)
              Trimble, Robert "Skip" (Self and Texas Humane
                   Legislation Network)
    Against:  Mayfield, Wayne (Self and Texas Gamefowl Breeders
    On:       Coats, Jr., Max E. (Texas Animal Health Commission)