Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
April 19, 2005-2:00P

HB 615
    For:      Kubosh, Paul (Texas Municipal Justice Bar Association of
              McColl, A. (Self)
    Against:  Brown, Harelda (Criminal Law Division, City of Houston)

HB 867
    For:      Guyton, Dean (Self)
              Jones, James (Self)
              Jones, Richard J. (Self)
              Montgomery, Carrol (For Son and Family)
              Montgomery, Sue (For Our Son and Family)
    Against:  Brinegar, Marjorie J. (Self and Save Our Texsons)
              Fair-Poole, Rosemary (SOSEN / Sex Offender Support and
                   Education Network)
              Martinez, Leticia F. (Save Our Texsons)
              Parks, Vicki (Save Our Texsons)
              Tipton, Peggy (Self)
              Tipton, Thom O. (Self)
    On:       Molter, Michele (Texas Apartment Association)

HB 1012
    For:      Lovett, Jim D. (Texas Historical Commission / Cemetery
                   Advisory Committee)
    Against:  Henson, Scott (ACLU of Texas)
    On:       Edmonds, Shannon (Texas District and County Attorneys

HB 1073
    For:      Rolater, John (Bill Hill, Dallas County Criminal
                   District Attorney)

HB 1129
    Against:  Wolf, Laura (Texas Council on Family Violence)

HB 1641
    For:      Fillingame, Tana (Self)
              Guyton, Lewis Dean (Self)
              McColl, Arch (Self)
              Poole, Rosemary (SOSEN)
    Against:  Lippincott, Chris (Texas Association Against Sexual

HB 3093
    On:       Beaty, Louis (Texas Department of Public Safety)

HB 3151
    For:      Henson, Scott (ACLU of Texas)
              Yanez-Correa, Ana (National LULAC)

HB 3152
    For:      Gill, Raman (Texas  Appleseed)
              Gonzales, Dominic (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition /
                   Equal Justice Center)
              Gonzalez, David (Self)
              Yanez-Correa, Ana (National LULAC)

SB 60
    For:      Cole, Tim (Self)
              Ruiz, Bernadette (Self)
    Against:  Hampton, Keith S. (Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers
              Rolater, John (Bill Hill, Dallas County Criminal
                   District Attorney)
              Wilson, Roe (Harris County District Attorney)

SB 60 - Committee Substitute (Keel)
    For:      Miller, Gregory T. (Tim Curry, Criminal District
                   Attorney of Tarrant County)