Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
March 29, 2005-2:00P

HB 480
    For:      Hamblin, Steve (Self)
              Johnson, Pat (Self)
    Against:  Cernosek, Larry (Self and Texas Towing and Storage
              Chron, Rick (Self and Texas Towing and Storage
              Milhim, George (Self and Big A Towing)
              Miller, Allan (Self and Allan's Wrecker Service Inc. /
                   TTSA Texas Towing and Storage Association)
              Rash, Jeanette (Self and Texas Towing and Storage
    On:       del Llano, Ann (ACLU of Texas)
              Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)

HB 823
    For:      Henson, Scott (ACLU of Texas)
              Hochmann, Fredrick S. (Self)
              Hochmann, Margaret P. (Self)
Sputnik (Self and Texas MC Rights Association)
              Tripp, Alice (Texas State Rifle Association)

HB 1239
    For:      Akroosh, Caleb (Self)
              Bean, Alan (Friends of Justice)
              Blackburn, Jeff (Self and Tulia Legal Defense Project)
              Brandon, Carol (MASS, Inc.)
              Brookins Sr., Freddie (Self)
              Brown, Hulon (Self)
              Brown, Joyce Ann (Self and Texas Justice Network)
              Evans, Imani (Texas NAACP)
              Henson, Scott (ACLU of Texas)
              Houston, Joshua (Christian Life Commission)
              Hurt, Charles F. (Texas Justice Network / Texas Inmate
                   Families Association)
              Maynard, James (Self and Mothers (Fathers) for the
                   Advancement of Social Systems, MASS Inc.)
              Perry, Maurice (Self)
              Steptoe, Herbert (Winners Circle Peer Support Network of
              Watkins, Dr. Richard K. (Self and Chair, State
                   Conference of NAACP Criminal Justice Committee)
              Workman, Charles (Self)
              Yanez-Correa, Ana (National LULAC Legislative Liaison)
    Against:  Kerss, Thomas (Self and Sheriff's Association of Texas)
    On:       O'Burke, James P. (Texas Department of Public Safety)

HB 1778
    For:      Cramer, John (Tarrant County District Attorney)
              Granger, J.D. (Tarrant County District Attorney)

HB 1871
    Against:  del Llano, Ann (ACLU of Texas)

HB 2297
    For:      Sparks, Ken (Self)

HB 3289
    Against:  Hampton, Keith S. (Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers