Corrections Committee
March 22, 2006-1:00P

Interim Charge 7
    On:       Aymond, Bishop Gregory (Self)
              Biscoe, The Honorable Samuel (Travis County
                   Commissioners Court)
              Bishop, Shannon (Texas After School Association Board)
              Brooke, Linda (Texas Juvenile Probation Commission
              Dufour, Deacon Doots (Criminal Justice Ministry Diocese
                   of Austin)
              Floyd, Christopher (21st Century After School Programs)
              Knee, Chief Stanley (Chief of Police, Austin)
              McClure, Madeline (TexProtects, The Association for the
                   Protection of Children)
              Moore, Phyllis Jack (Parents as Teachers Program (PAT))
              Satori, Mary Ann (Self)
              Sells, Dr. Scott (Savannah Family Institute)
              Spriggs, Vicki (Executive Director, Texas Juvenile
                   Probation Commission)
              Tod, Theresa (Texas Network of Youth Services)
              Tomlinson, Lisa (Johnson County Juvenile Services)
              Williams, Mark (Texas Juvenile Probation Commission)
              Wood, Taunya (Self)