Corrections Committee
April 14, 2005-10:30A

HB 574
    For:      Burnham, Joan (TIFA, Inc.)
              Carr, Verna Lee (Self and People Against Violent Crime)
              Eismann, Keith (MCI Telecommunications)
              Graham, Kathy (Self)
              Gutierrez, Frances (AT&T Corp)
              Hodge, Terri (Self)
              Hurt, Charles (Self and Texas Justice Network)
              Jimenez, Teresa (Self and People Against Violent Crime-
                   Volunteer Advocate)
              Luna, Lisa (TXCURE, TIFA, Travis County Re-entry Round
              Meyer Harlen, Deborah (Self)
              Ramirez, Al (Self and Public Communications Services)
              Rayfield, Penny (Austin/Travis County Reentry
              Ridgeway, Teresa (Global Tel Link Corporation)
              Sarate, Sebastian (Self and People Against Violent
              Smith-Ramirez, Shelia (Self)
    On:       Livingston, Brad (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

HB 574 - Committee Substitute (CSHB 574)
    For:      Sager, Janice (Texans For Equal Justice)

HB 1921
    For:      Gabbert, Lisa (Self)
              Kahan, Andy (Mayor's Crime Victims Office)
              Macha, Barry (Self)
              Poe, Mitch (Tarrant County District Attorney's Office)
              Sager, Janice (Texans for Equal Justice)
              Stratton Smith, Rona (Self)
    On:       DeBottis, Gina (Special Prosecution Unit)
              Taylor, Allison (Council on Sex Offender Treatment)
              Worry, Lisa (Council on Sex Offender Treatment)

HB 2837
    For:      Burnham, Joan (Texas Inmate Families Association, Inc.)
              Rayfield, Penny (Self and Austin/ Travis County Reentry
    On:       Macias, Luis (Texas Workforce Commission)

HB 3233
    On:       Reynolds, Carl (Texas Departmnet of Criminal Justice-
                   General Counsel)