Civil Practices Committee
April 7, 2005-1:00P

HB 205
    For:      Abney, Sherrie R. (Self)
              Cox, Gay G. (Self)
              Langenbahn, Stacey (Self)
              Maxwell, Jr., Lawrence R. (Self)
              Tindall, Harry (Self)
    Against:  Choate, Guy (Texas Trial Lawyers Assn.)
              Davis, David M. (Texas Association of Defense Council,
    On:       Fleming, John (State Bar ADR Section)

HB 570
    Against:  Bowling, Bobby (Self and Tropicana Homes, Tropicana
                   Building Corporation, Patriot Mortgage)
              Dyer, Jay (Texas Association of Builders)
              Hutchison, Andy (Self and Hutchison Homes)
              Tonjes, Ray (Self and Texas Association of Builders)
    On:       Fleming, John C. (State Bar ADR Section)

HB 2306
    For:      Annis, M.D., Joseph (Self and Texas Medical Association,
                   Texas Society of Anesthesiologists)
              Hull, Mike (Texas Alliance for Patient Access)
    Against:  Davis, David M. (Texas Association of Defense Counsel)
              Harvey, Jay (Texas Trial Lawyers Assn.)
              Slack, Mike (Self and TTLA, Firm (Slack & Davis))

Ch. 125, CPRC
    On:       Crenshaw, Sandra (Self and Lee G. Bilal)
              Easterling, Janice M. (Dallas Police Department)
              Edmondson, Barbara (One Great Bentley Inc.)
              Kunkle, David M. (City of Dallas Police)
              Miller, Laura (City of Dallas)
              Perkins, Thomas (Self and Dallas City Attorney's Office)
              Richie, Jennifer (City of Dallas City Attorney's Office)
              Stefani, Steven A. (Budget Suites of America and Bigelow
                   Management, Inc.)