Civil Practices Committee
March 30, 2005-2:00P

HB 425
    For:      Wilbert, Curtis (TCJC Unlock Your Vote Dir of Outreach)

HB 1385
    For:      Stretcher, Keith (City of Midland)
    Against:  Cokinos, Gregory (Self and AGC - Texas Building Branch)
              Harvey, Jay (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers Association)
    On:       Cruz, Ted (Office of the Attorney General)
              Monson, Kristofer S. (Office of the Attorney General)

HB 2039
    For:      Cokinos, Gregory (Self and AGC - Texas Building Branch)
              Farris, Anna (Associated Builders & Contractors of
                   Greater Houston & ABC of Texas)
              Ringo, Richard (Self and RBR Construction Inc.)
              Vaughn, Tom (Vaughn Construction)
              Ward, John R. (Self and Texas Surety Federation)
              Workman, Paul (Workman Commercial)
    Against:  Clark, Todd (Texas Association of School Boards and
                   Council of School Attorneys)
              Stretcher, Keith (City of Midland)

HB 2987
    For:      Williams, Henry D. (Self)
              Young, Danae (Self)

Chapter 125, CPRC
    On:       Alexander, Dana S. (Bigelow Management Budget Suites)
              Cornelius, Marshall L (Self)
              Davenport, Dale (Jim's Car Wash)
              Davenport, Freddy J. (Jim's Car Wash)
              Edmondson, Barbara (Self)
              Gaumond, Paul F (Bigelow Management Inc, Budget Suites)
              Henigsman, Gerald (Self and Apartment Assoc. of Greater
              Jamal, Sam (Self)
              Kang, Chuck (Chuck's Car Wash)
              Phillips, Russell (Citizens National Bank)
              Sanders, Shelia (Self)
              Singleton III, Marvin (Mark) E. (Citizens National Bank
                   in Waxahachie)
              Space, Chuck (Southwest Car Wash Assn.)