Business & Industry Committee
March 1, 2005-2:00P

HB 927
    For:      Barbier, Brenda (Self and The Texas Homeowners' Advocate
              Chrane, Bob (Self)
              Jones, Harvella (The Texas Homeowner's Advocate Group)
              McGarr, Mary (Self)
              Skibo, Joni (Self and The Senior Citizens in the Rio
                   Grande Valley)
              Touchet, Helen (Self and The Texas Homeowner's Advocate
    Against:  Deretchin, Joel (The Woodlands Association)
              Fairchild, Mary Lou (Self and Air Park- Dallas and Plano
                   Homeowner's Council)
              Heyer, Connie (Texas Community Associations)
              McLin, Amy M. (Self)
              Smith, David M. (Texas Neighborhoods Together)
              Tough, Bruce (The Woodlands Community Association)

HB 1319
    For:      Miller, Elizabeth S. (Self)
              Robertson, Daryl (Texas Business Law Foundation)
    On:       Flores, Carmen (Texas Secretary of State, Business &
                   Public Filings)

Workers' Compensation
    On:       Bicklein, Royce (Self)
              Bow, Jonathan D. (State Office of Risk Management)
              Decorey, Jameson (Self)
              Garland, Greg (Texas Association of Accredited Pain
              Ingram Ph.D., Dr. Jesse C. (Texas Association of
                   Accredited Pain Programs)
              Jones, Angie (Self)
              Reno MD, Sherine (Self and My Practice)
              Shipe, Robert (Texas Workers' Compensation Commission)
              Tribelli, Elizabeth (Self)