Appropriations-S/C on Education Committee
February 10, 2005-7:00A

    Against:  Lee, Tim (Texas Retired Teachers Association)
              Rivera, Derly (Self)
    On:       Calhoun, Kirk A. (University of Texas Health Center
              Cigarroa, Francisco G. (Univeristy of Texas Health
                   Science Center of San Antonio)
              Cole, James S (Baylor College of Dentistry - TAMUS HSC)
              Daniel, Dr. David (Texas Association of Community
              DeBakey, M.D., Michael G. (Baylor College of Medicine)
              Dickey, Nacy W. (Texas A&M University System Health
                   Science Center)
              Featherston, Pattie (Teacher Retirement System of Texas)
              Fickel, Ann (Texas Classroom Teachers Association)
              Garcia, Dr. Rey (Texas Association of Community
              Hartman, Eric (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Jung, Ronnie (Teacher Retirement System)
              Mendelsohn, M.D., John (University of Texas M.D.
                   Anderson Cancer Center)
              Pickelman, Dr. John (Texas Association of Community
              Quinzi, Patty (Association of Texas Professional
                   Educators (ATPE))
              Shine, Kenneth I. (University of Texas System)
              Stobo, M.D., John D. (The University of Texas Medical
                   Branch at Galveston)
              Traber, M.D., Peter G. (Baylor College of Medicine)
              Wildenthal, Kern (University of Texas Southwestern
                   Medical Center)
              Willerson, James T. (University of Texas Health Science
                   Center at Houston)
              Wilson, Dr. M. Roy (Texas Tech University Health
                   Sciences Center)