Agriculture & Livestock Committee
March 29, 2005-8:00A

HB 326
    For:      Autry, Greg (Self)
              Backo, Amy (Self)
              Miller, Rick (Self and Bell County Attorney)
              Powell, Laural (Texas Animal Control Association)
              Robinson, Clifton (Self)
              Sabatucci, Jay (The Humane Society of the US - Southwest
                   Reginal Office)
              Timmers, Mark (Houston Humane Society)
              Trimble, Skip (Texas Humane Legislation Network)
              Wendt, Lucy (Self)
    Against:  Doubet, Frederick (Responsible Pet Owners Alliance)
              Seale, Charly (Exotic Wildlife Association)
    On:       Young, Mark (Self and Mag International, Inc.)

HB 521
    For:      McGee, John (Self and Volunteer - Golden Retriever
                   Rescue of Houston)
              Noel, Adele (Self)