NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Transportation

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM, Tuesday, April 12, 2005

PLACE: E2.012

CHAIR: Rep. Mike Krusee


The Committee will meet to consider the following:

HB 891            Leibowitz
Relating to motor vehicle airbags.

HB 1118            Eiland
Relating to operating a motor vehicle with a person riding in a
boat or personal watercraft being drawn by the vehicle; creating an

HB 1244            Hopson
Relating to specialty license plates for classic travel trailers.

HB 1248            Villarreal / et al.
Relating to erecting an off-premise sign adjacent to and visible
from certain roads.

HB 1403            Deshotel
Relating to the board of port commissioners of the Port of Beaumont
Navigation District of Jefferson County.

HB 1741            Seaman
Relating to the creation by certain municipalities and powers of
regional mobility authorities.

HB 1822            Kolkhorst
Relating to an offense of passing or avoiding a weigh station by
certain vehicle operators.

HB 1898            Brown, Fred
Relating to offenses involving use of safety belts or a child
passenger safety seat.

HB 2071            Rose
Relating to the designation of U.S. Highway 281 as the American
Legion Memorial Highway.

HB 2114            Merritt
Relating to the creation, administration, powers, duties,
operations, and financing of a border region high-speed rail
authority for the Texas-Louisiana and the Texas-Mexico border
regions; granting the power to issue bonds; granting the power of
eminent domain.

HB 2334            Morrison
Relating to the filing of a disclosure statement by a vendor or
member of a governing body of a port authority or navigation
district; imposing a penalty.

HB 2348            Raymond
Relating to construction on a highway under the jurisdiction of the
Texas Department of Transportation by certain transit departments.

HB 2394            Hill
Relating to the issuance of a temporary tag for use on an
unregistered motor vehicle.

HB 2654            Krusee
Relating to the terms of directors of a regional mobility

HB 2655            Krusee
Relating to regional mobility authorities.

HB 2656            Krusee
Relating to the state aviation facilities.

HB 2683            Branch
Relating to allowing the Texas Department of Transportation to make
grants to a county or municipality for recreational trails.

HB 2703            Krusee
Relating to contracts for the design and construction of
transportation projects by certain governmental entities.

HB 2889            Coleman / et al.
Relating to the governing board and territory of certain
metropolitan rapid transit authorities.

HB 2891            Oliveira
Relating to the continuation of the law authorizing the issuance of
oversize or overweight vehicle permits by certain port authorities.

HB 2955            Hamric
Relating to the operation of a motor vehicle.

HB 2998            Hupp
Relating to certain costs, fees, and expenses that may be imposed
on a motor carrier for certain violations on a recommendation by an
administrative law judge.

HJR 79            Krusee
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to
provide for a six-year term for a board member of a regional
mobility authority.

SB 129            Barrientos
Relating to certain exceptions to the requirement that the operator
of a motor vehicle operated on a turnpike project pay the proper
toll or the full amount of the toll.