NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM, Monday, April 18, 2005

PLACE: E2.010

CHAIR: Rep. David Swinford

The committee will meet to consider the following:

HB 1026            Nixon
Relating to the resolution of certain contract claims against the

HB 1083            Martinez Fischer
Relating to the application of the open meetings law and the public
information law to an independent organization established by a
power region and certified by the Public Utility Commission.

HB 1125            Uresti
Relating to the duration of judgment liens in favor of the state.

HB 1330            Chisum
Relating to the creation of a dispute resolution program for state
building construction contracts.

HB 1733            Swinford
Relating to prohibiting disclosure of certain records or reports by
the Texas Feed and Fertilizer Service.

HB 1940            Ritter
Relating to alternative dispute resolution of certain contract
claims against the state.

HB 1976            Gallego
Relating to fire safety standards for cigarettes; providing civil

HB 2247            Isett
Relating to state contract management, including the training of
personnel, the negotiation of contracts, and the standardization of

HB 2699            Swinford
Relating to the Department of Information Resources.

HB 2713            Bailey
Relating to the provision of a preference in certain state
construction contracts for contractors that provide health benefits
to employees.

HB 2753            Pitts
Relating to the powers, duties, and functions of the Legislative
Budget Board.

HB 2842            Chisum
Relating to the criminal penalty for providing false information to
outside auditors.

HB 2932            Delisi
Relating to requiring state agency purchasing personnel to disclose
certain family relationships with business entities receiving state
agency contracts.

HB 2933            Delisi
Relating to standards of conduct for and conflicts of interest of
state officers and employees.

HB 3147            Turner
Relating to authorizing the Texas Building and Procurement
Commission to enter into more favorable lease with option to
purchase agreements with regards to certain space currently
occupied under lease with option to purchase agreements.

HB 3245            Homer
Relating to allowing a governmental body to discuss matters
regarding computer security in a closed meeting.

HB 3278            Isett
Relating to the management, security, and protection of personal
information and governmental records; providing a criminal penalty.

HB 3314            Brown, Betty
Relating to prohibiting wireless Internet access to obscene
materials on public property.

HB 3329            Martinez Fischer
Relating to renaming the State Auditor the Texas Government
Accountability Office, and the expansion of the powers and duties
of that office, including the creation of an office of inspector

HB 3404            Farrar
Relating to the regulation of and claims against residential home