NOTICE OF FORMAL MEETING

COMMITTEE: Land & Resource Management

TIME & DATE: upon final adjourn./recess
             Tuesday, April 26, 2005

PLACE: House Chamber, Desk # 74

CHAIR: Rep. Anna Mowery


Notice of this meeting was announced from the house floor.

HB 2833            Cook, Robby / et al.
Relating to the protection of private real property from regulatory

HB 3288            Swinford
Relating to municipal authority over certain property that is
subject to an agreement.

HB 1603            Bonnen
Relating to the authority of certain political subdivisions to
erect or maintain shore protection structures and the location of
the line of vegetation in relation to those structures.

HB 2426            Puente
Relating to prohibiting the creation or enforcement of certain
restrictive covenants that undermine water conservation.

SB 224            Ellis
Relating to the eminent domain power of certain municipal
management districts.

SJR 40            Eltife
Proposing a constitutional amendment clearing land titles by
relinquishing and releasing any state claim to sovereign ownership
or title to interest in certain land.

HB 2964            Mowery
Relating to the transfer of extraterritorial jurisdiction among

HB 2537            Coleman
Relating to the exercise of eminent domain authority by certain
nonprofit charitable corporations.

HB 3128            Eiland / et al.
Relating to the funding of coastal erosion response activities and
the coastal management program; imposing surcharges and fees.