NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Insurance

TIME & DATE:  1:15PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Monday, March 21, 2005

PLACE: E2.026

CHAIR: Rep. John T. Smithee


HB 1018            Noriega, Melissa
Relating to the amount of liability insurance required to be
maintained on certain school buses owned by a motor carrier.

HB 1328            Naishtat
Relating to certificates of mold remediation.

HB 417            Delisi
Relating to a supplemental health coverage program under the Texas
Employees Group Benefits Act for certain persons.

HB 998            Eiland
Relating to insurance market conduct surveillance; imposing

HB 933            Taylor
Relating to certain insurance for officers and employees of state

HB 1030            Taylor
Relating to availability of preferred providers.

HB 1201            Seaman
Relating to the appointment of certain temporary insurance agents.

HB 1585            Smithee
Relating to disapproval by the commissioner of insurance of certain
property and casualty insurance rates; providing penalties.

HB 1570            Taylor
Relating to time and cost limitations in certain contracts offered
by a health maintenance organization.

HB 978            Eiland
Relating to the quality assurance accreditation process for certain
entities that offer health benefit plans.