HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                          NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Higher Education

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Monday, May 9, 2005


CHAIR: Rep. Geanie Morrison


HB 981            Van Arsdale
Relating to the ability of state-supported college or university
football teams to participate in post-regular-season competition.

HB 992            Martinez / et al.
Relating to nursing degree requirements for a licensed paramedic.

HB 3014            Allen, Alma
Relating to the use of local public junior colleges to provide
training to state agency employees.

SB 114            Van de Putte
Relating to the removal of a member of a junior college district
board of trustees for failure to attend board meetings.

SB 276            Staples / et al.
Relating to authorizing The University of Texas Health Science
Center at Tyler to offer courses and degree programs in allied
health and related fields.

SB 929            Ellis
Relating to the service area of the Houston Community College
System District.

SB 1118            Ellis
Relating to the authority to change the name of component
institutions of The Texas A&M University System.

SB 1193            Wentworth
Relating to the service areas of the Alamo Community College
District and the Austin Community College District.