HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                          NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Higher Education

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM, Monday, April 4, 2005


CHAIR: Rep. Geanie Morrison


HB 1737            Flores
Relating to the establishment of a dual usage educational complex
by a junior college district and other political subdivisions or
institutions of higher education.

HB 130            Smith, Todd / et al.
Relating to undergraduate course credit granted by certain public
institutions of higher education for completion of the
international baccalaureate diploma program.

HB 295            McClendon
Relating to the removal of a member of a junior college district
board of trustees for failure to attend board meetings.

HB 1013            Callegari / et al.
Relating to the annexation of territory to a public junior college

HB 1409            Coleman / et al.
Relating to the authority to change the name of component
institutions of The Texas A&M University System.

HB 1725            Casteel
Relating to the authority of another institution of higher
education to conduct vocational or technical courses in the service
area of a junior college district.

HB 1829            Wong
Relating to authorizing private or independent institutions of
higher education to charge fees for processing or handling certain
payments or payment transactions.

HB 2041            Campbell / et al.
Relating to a Pilot Project to provide additional capacity for
higher education undergraduate education.

HB 2221            Luna
Relating to extending the boundaries of a junior college district
to include territory in the district's service area.

HB 2287            King, Tracy
Relating to the service areas of certain junior college districts.

HB 2333            Morrison
Relating to the qualifications of and training and continuing
education for certain officials and personnel of career schools or

HB 2808            Morrison
Relating to the duties of the P-16 Council.

                     5-Day Posting Rule Suspended 4/4

HB 381            Kolkhorst
Relating to the service area of the Blinn County College District.

HB 1930            Turner
Relating to the annexation of territory in political subdivisions
by certain junior college districts.

HB 1931            Turner
Relating to the service area of the Houston Community College
System District.

HB 1932            Turner
Relating to the effect of annexation of territory on the terms of
members of the governing boards of certain junior college



HB 381
HB 1930
HB 1931
HB 1932