NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Agriculture & Livestock

TIME & DATE:  1:00PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Tuesday, April 25, 2006

PLACE: E2.028

CHAIR: Rep. Rick Hardcastle

The Committee will meet in a public hearing to consider testimony on the
following interim charges:

1.  Explore the need for both the educational Commission for Foreign
Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) program and the Program for Assessment of
Veterinary Medical Education (PAVE) for certification of students who
graduate from foreign veterinary colleges.

2.  Assess the need for new rules and regulations to govern non-veterinary
practitioners of animal care, specifically equine dentistry, as well as the
potential need for veterinary supervision of certain practices.

The Committee will hear invited testimony followed by public testimony on
the above two charges.

5.  Monitor the agencies and programs under the committee's jurisdiction.

The Committee will hear invited testimony only on the above charge.