The House Committee on Ways & Means 
         79th Legislature 
         June 27, 2005 
         2:00 p.m. 
         Capitol Extension, E2.010 
         Pursuant to a notice posted on June 24, 2005, the House  
         Committee on Ways & Means met in a public hearing and was called  
         to order by the chair, Representative Keffer, Jim, at 2:11 p.m. 
         The roll was answered as follows: 
         Present:   Representatives Keffer, Jim; Villarreal; Edwards;  
                    Grusendorf; Luna; Paxton; Ritter; Smithee; Woolley  
         Absent:    None (0). 
         A quorum was present. 
         HB 3 
         The chair laid out HB 3 as pending business.  
         Representative Luna offered a complete committee substitute.  
         The chair recognized Representative Luna to explain the measure.  
         Testimony was taken.  (See attached witness list.) 
         The chair recognized Representative Luna to close on the  
         The committee substitute was withdrawn without objection. 
         The bill was left pending without objection.  
         At 4:23 p.m., on the motion of the chair and without objection,  
         the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the chair. 
         Rep. Keffer, Jim, Chair 
         Ky Ash, Clerk