Nutrition & Health in Public Schools Committee
April 15, 2004 -10:00A

Charge #3
       ON:        Hagert, Celia Senior Policy Analyst (Center for
                         Public Policy Priorities), Austin, TX

Invited Testimony - All Charges
       ON:        Keir, Barbara Director (Public Health, Nutrition &
                         Education Division, Texas Dept. of Health),
                         Austin, TX
                  Menchaca, John A. Health Professionals Advisory
                         Committee (Texas Diabetes Council), Fort
                         Worth, TX
                  Montemayor, Jose Commissioner (Texas Department of
                         Insurance), Austin, TX
                  Perkins, John Director (Texas Department of
                         Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Division),
                         Austin, TX
                  Scott, Robert Chief Deputy Commissioner (Texas
                         Department of Education), Austin, TX

School Health Advisory Councils
       ON:        Hill, Mike Vice President for Prevention (American
                         Cancer Society), Austin, TX