Water Policy, Select Interim Committee
August 4, 2004 -10:30A

Interim Charges
       ON:        Bingham, George Farmer (Self), Comanche, TX
                  Bowers, Richard Manager (North Plains GCD, Tx
                         Alliance of Groundwater Districts), Dumas, TX
                  Collins, Dick (Action Municipal Utility District,
                         Hood County Intergovt. Coalition), Grandbury,
                  Cooper, Joe Manager (Middle Trinity Groundwater
                         Conservation District), Gustine, TX
                  Etheridge, Linda (Self), Waco, TX
                  Ford, Phil General Manager (Brazos River Authority),
                         McGregor, TX
                  Foster, John (Texas State Soil and Water
                         Conservation Board), Temple, TX
                  Grace, Horace Director (Clearwater Underground Water
                         Conservation District), Belton, TX
                  Harden, Robert (R.W, Harden and Associates, Inc.),
                  Hawk, Curtis Deputy City Manager (City of Burleson),
                         Burleson, TX
                  Hinton, Joe (Self), Crawford, TX
                  Isom, Rex (Tx State Soil and Water Conservation
 Tx State Soil and Water Conservation
                         Board), Temple, TX
                  Jackson, Dr. Mae Mayor (City of Waco), Waco, TX
                  Kelly, Mary (Environmental Defense), Austin, TX
                  Langford, David (Tx. Wildlife Association), Comfort,
                  Leedom, John Chairman (Weather Modification
                         Association), Dallas, TX
                  Light, Dudley (Self), Waco, TX
                  Mahoney, Mike General Manager, Evergreen UWCD (Tx
                         Alliance of Groundwater Districts),
                         Pleasanton, TX
                  Manning, Steve Rancher (Leon River Rest),
                         Gatesville, TX
                  Meister, Ned Director of Commodity & Regulatory
                         (Texas Farm Bureau), Waco, TX
                  Mullican III, William Deputy Executive Administator
                         - Planning (Tx Water Development Board),
                         Austin, TX
                  Patterson, Ron City Manager (City of Kerrville),
                         Kerrville, TX
                  Pickens, Boone Chairman (Mesa Water, Roberts County
                         Landowners), Dallas, TX
                  Powers, Trey (Tx. Department of Agriculture),
                         Austin, TX
                  Smith, Leon Mayor (City of Clifton and other
                         municipalities on the Bosque), Clifton, TX
                  Soward, Larry Commissioner (Texas Commission on
                         Environmental Quality), Austin, TX
                  Ward, Kevin Executive Director (Texas Water
                         Development Board), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       On:        Adams, Larry Rancher (Self), Gustine, TX
                  Baskett, Charles County Commissioner (Pct 2, Hood
                         County), Grandbury, TX
                  Bingham, Brian Farmer/Rancher (Self), Deleon, TX
                  Davenport, Jim (Texas Commission on Environmental
                         Quality), Austin, TX
                  DuPuy, Virginia (District III Waco City Council,
                         Greater Waco Chamber, Water Quality Task
                         Force, Waco Business League)
                  Goodwin, Tony President (Brazos River Conservation
                         Coalition), Millsap, TX
                  Groth, Larry City Manager (City of Waco), Waco, TX
                  McDurham, Robin Mayor - Pro-Tem (City of Waco),
                         Waco, TX
                  Musick, Steve Program  Administrator (Tx Commission
                         on Environmental Quality), Austin, TX
                  Stocker, Spencer (Wohlgemuth for Congress),
                         Burleson, TX
                  Vaughan Jr., James President (Greater Waco Chamber
                         of Commerce), Waco, TX