Government Organization Committee
April 16, 2003 - 1:00P

SB 147
       ON:        Josselet, Ron Executive Director (State Office of
                         Risk Management)

SB 279
       FOR:       Lewis, Jerry R. Trainer (Lone Star Irr., Houston
                         Gulf Coast Irr, West Texas IRR)
                  Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association), Austin,
                  Niemann, Larry Atty (Texas Building Owners and Mgrs.
                         Assn.), Austin, TX
                  Noble, Shannon Legislative Council (Texas Air
                         Conditioning Contractors Assn), Austin, TX
       AGAINST:   Cunningham, Debbie Executive director (Texas Water
                         Quality Assn.), San Antonio, TX
       ON:        Horton, Charles Administrative Officer (Health
                         Professions Council), Austin, TX
                  Hsu, Victoria Executive Director (Texas Board of
                         Professional Engineers), Austin, TX
                  Kuntz, William H. Executive Director (Texas Dept. of
                         Licensing and Regulation), Austin, TX
                  Lieberknecht, Chloe Policy Analyst (Sunset Advisory

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Brannan, David Irrigation Contractor (Austin Lawn
                         Sprinklers Association), Austin, TX
                  Hobbs, Wes Licensed Irrigator (John Deere
                  Morton, John Irrigator- Backflow Tester (Self)
                  Salas, Gary Small Business Owner- Irrigator (Austin
                         Lawn Sprinkler Association), Austin, TX
                  Schwartz, John Licensed Irrigator (Texas Turf
                         Irrigations Association), Amarillo, TX
                  Vane, Mark Gardere Wynne Sewell (Gardere Wynne
       On:        Hoffman, Margaret ED, TCEQ (TCEQ)

SB 1000
       FOR:       Schneider, Rob Sr. Staff Attorney (Consumers Union),
                         Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Goodell Polan, Deborah Attorney (Texas Financial
                         Services Association), Austin, TX
                  Henneberger, John co-director (Tx. Low Income
                         Housing Information Service), Austin, TX
       On:        Warren, Don Statistician (TLC)

SB 1152
       FOR:       Miglicco, Gary Managing Director (Bearing Point-
                         Texas Online), Austin, TX
       AGAINST:   Shirley, Joe S. Barber and Barber shop owner (Self),
                         Coppell, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Achim, David (Vignette), Austin, TX
                  Boone, Laura Office Administrator (Applied
                         Information Sciences), Round Rock, TX
                  Bybee, Bruce Marketing/Sales (Information Builders,
                         Inc.), Burnet, TX
                  Carter, Tammy Software Consulting (Austin Strategy
                  Coffey, Jr., H. Lane Information Technology Sales
                         (VION Corporation), Wimberley, TX
                  Crosnos, Michael COO Vignette (Vignette), Austin, TX
                  Hiland, Matt Consultant (Self)
                  Hogan, Thomas E. (CEO- Vignette), Austin, TX
                  Honeycutt, Lorri Technology Sales and Consulting
                         (3Rd Party.com), Austin, TX
                  Marshall, Melissa Business Development (RFDY
                  McManis, Robert Hewlett Packard Sales Rep (HP)
                  Parr, Mike Account Executive (EMC Corporation),
                         Austin, TX
                  Rogers, Bill Manager (Bearing Point)
                  Russell, Randy Account Executive (Sun Microsystems),
                         Austin, TX
                  Wolf, Michael eGovernment internet software
                         (Vignette), Austin, TX

SB 1382
       FOR:       Baker, Coalter CPA (Texas Board of Public
                         Accountancy), Austin, TX
                  Lancaster, David Association Executive (Texas
                         Society of Architects), Austin, TX
                  Owen, Bob CPA (Texas Society of CPAs), Austin, TX
                  Summers, Edward L. Professor of Accounting UT Austin
                         (Self), Austin, TX
                  Thompson, Melanie CPA (TSBPA), Canyon Lake, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       McWilliams, Dean Consultant (Texas Assn. of
                         Landscape Architects), Austin, TX
                  Schulle, Jr., Gerhardt Dir. of Legislative &
                         Governmental Affai (Texas Society of
                         Professional Engineers), Austin, TX
                  Stagner, Steve (Texas Council of Engineering
                         Companies), Austin, TX
       On:        Hendricks, Cathy Executive Director, TBAE (TX BD of
                         Architectural Examiners), Austin, TX
                  Hermanson, Alan State Employee (State Board of
                         Public Accountancy), Georgetown, TX
                  Hsu, Victoria Executive Director (Texas Board of
                         Professional Engineers)
                  Steinbrueck, Diane Landscape Architect BD Member (TX
                         BD of Architectural  Examiners), Austin, TX

SB 1516
       FOR:       Bilski, Carolyn Austin Co Judge (Austin Co/ Houston
                         Galveston Area Council/ Tx. Assn. of Regional
                         Councils), Sealy, TX
       ON:        Steele, Jack Executive Director (Houston- Galveston
                         Area Council)

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Voights, Betty Executive Director (Capital Area
                         Planning Council), Austin, TX
       On:        Elliott, Verma (Texas State Auditor's Office)
                  Ray, Jim Association Mgt (Texas Association of
                         Regional Councils), San Antonio, TX

SB 1663
       ON:        Kasparek, Monica Program Administrator- Private
                         Activity (Texas Bond Review Board), Austin,

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Ford, Steve Housing Development (Self), Houston, TX
                  Garvin, John L. Director (Texas Affiliation of
                         Affordable Housing Providers), Austin, TX
                  Gaskin, Sally Affordable MultiFamily Developers
                         (Self), Danbury, TX
                  Talerico, Jeanne Texas Assn of Local Housing Finance
                         Agen (TALHFA), Austin, TX

SB 1828
       FOR:       Halbert, Wayne Farmer/ General Manager- Harlingen
                         (Southmost SWCD)
                  Holekamp, George Farming and Ranching (Kerr SWCD
                         217), Kerrville, TX
       AGAINST:   Bass, Jan (Hays Co. Soil and Water Conservation
                         District 351), Wimberley, TX
                  Buckles, Scott Ag. Producer (Sherman County Soil and
                         Water Conservation Dist.), Stratford, TX
                  DeBusk, Hall J. Rancher (Hamilton-Coryell Soil and
                         Water Conservation Dist.), Purmela, TX
                  Dierschke, Kenneth Farmer (Texas Farm Bureau)
                  Dodier, Jose Rancher (Assn. of Texas Soil and Water
                  Furgeson, Johnny Farming (Black Water Valley SWCD),
                         Morton, TX
                  Graham, Marty Rancher (Tx. State Assoc. Soil and
                         Water Cons. Districts), Rocksprings, TX
                  Mackin, Alfred Rancher (Lamar SWCD)
                  Mann, Billy Farming and Ranching (Soil and Water
                         Conservation), Bay City, TX
                  Matthews, J.C. Farm/ Rancher (Throckmorton County
                         SWCD), Woodson, TX
                  Pearson, Jr., Robert F. Cattleranching, Tree Farming
                         (Freestone County Soil and Water Conservation
                  Register, T. Wayne Gear Manufacturer & Cattle Ranch
                         (Montgomery Co. SWCD), New Waverly, TX
                  Remmele, Merle Rancher (Wise SWCD)
                  Richmond, Jule Rancher (Pecan Bayou Soil and Water
                         Conservation Dist.), Blanket, TX
                  Sacoby, W. Roy Ranching (Menard Co. SWCD-215),
                         Menard, TX
                  Swann, Donald Farmer (State SWCB. San Patricio Co.
                         Dist.# 324), San Patricio, TX
                  Thomas, W.P. Cattleman (Navasota SWCD, #440),
                         Richards, TX
                  Thompson, Roy W. Farmer/Rancher (Lamb Co. SWCD #130)
                  White, Leland Farmer (Lynn Co. SWCD), Tahoka, TX
       ON:        Albrecht, Edward Ranching (Self)
                  Combs, Susan (Texas Department of Agriculture)
                  Loesch, F.R. Farming and Ranching (Self), Booker, TX
                  Moore, James Executive Director (Texas Soil and
                         Water Conservation Board), Belton, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       Against:   Basinger, David Soil and Water Cons. Director (Lama
                         Co. Soil Conservation District), Deport, TX
                  Brown, Douglas Farming (Navasota Soil and Water
                         Conservation District), Waller, TX
                  Courtney, Moody Rancher (Hamilton-Coryell SWCD),
                         Jonesboro, TX
                  Crook, Don Ray Farmer- Rancher (Hall-Childress SWCD
                  Damerau, Larry Farmer and Rancher (Soil and Water
                         Con. 306 Camal & Guadalupe Co.), Marion, TX
                  Dreibrodt, Freddie Farmer and Rancher (Soil and
                         Water Con. 306), San Marcos, TX
                  Dunn, Stacey Cotton Farmer (Cochran SWCD), Bledsoe,
                  Gerald Jr., P.M. Rancher (Hamilton-Coryell SWCD),
                         Hamilton, TX
                  Goehmann, Harold Rancher (Self), Llano, TX
                  Goeke, Charles Rancher (Austin Co. SWCD #347
                         Co. SWCD #347), Brenham, TX
                  Grones, Melvin Ranching (District 306
 District 306)
                  Henderson, Jerry Rancher (Jack SWCD)
                  Hodge, Richard rancher (SWCD District #316-
                         Matagorda County)
                  James, Rickey Farmer (Hale County Soil and Water),
                         Plamuiera, TX
                  Kleibrink, Von District Employer (Hamilton- SWCD)
                  Kuecker, Howard Rancher (Soil and Water #348
 Soil &
                         Water #348)
                  Lyon, Glen Farming (Cochran County SWCD), Morton, TX
                  Mims, Angus Rancher (Rusk Co. SWD)
                  Mogonye, Jim V Farmer and Rancher (Soil and Water)
                  Moore, Norman Farming-Ranching (ULSWCD)
                  Nichols, Jerry D. Poultry Farmer (Nacogdoches Soil
                         and Water Conservation Dist.), Nacogdoches,
                  O'Neal, Shawn Farm and Ranch (McCellan Creek Soil
                         and Water), Panhandle, TX
                  Ottmers, Guenther G. Ranching- Agriculture
                         (Director- Gillespie SWCD #220),
                         Fredricksburg, TX
                  Paschall, Jim Raner (Wise SWCD), Paradise, TX
                  Phillips, Harold (CCR), Coleman, TX
                  Ponder, Don R. Farmer and Rancher (Moore Co.),
                         Dumas, TX
                  Priesmeyer, Arthur Farming and Ranching (Wharton
                         County Soil and Water Conservation)
                  Reynolds, Melvin Retired- Farm (Soil and Water
                         Conservation Districts)
                  Rowland, Allison (Independent Cattleman's
                         Association of Texas), Austin, TX
                  Runge, Caroline Gen. Manager (Menard County
                         Underground Water District), Menard, TX
                  Scrivner, Curtis Rancher (Hall-Childress SWCD),
                         Turkey, TX
                  Teague, Buddy Rancher (Hamilton-Coryell SWC
                         District), Hico, TX
                  Werlla, W. Ross Rice Farmer (Fort Bend County Farm
                         Bureau), Rosenberg, TX
                  Whitehead, Worth Cattle (Rusk SWCD #447)
                  Williams, Larry Chairman, Crockett SWCD (Crockett
                         SWCD), Ozona, TX
       On:        Small, Ed Atty (Texas and Southwestern Cattle

  Providing written testimony:
       Against:   Graf, Harold Pecan farmer (Wharton Co. SWCD),
                         Wharton, TX
                  McKiernan, Mark Farmer (SWCD 156)