Jurisprudence Committee
March 29, 2004 -11:00A

Charge 2
       FOR:       Ables, Steve 216th District Judge (Presiding
                         Judges), Kerrville, TX
                  Johnson, Phil Chief Justice, 7th Court of Appeals
                         (Appellate Judges), Amarillo, TX
       ON:        Key, Alicia Administrative Director (Office of Court
                         Administration), Austin, TX
                  Lykos, Patricia R. Senior District Judge (Retired,
                         Senior, Former Judges), Houston, TX
                  Nail, William S. Deputy Executive Director
                         (Employees Retirement System), Austin, TX
                  Phillips, Thomas R. Chief Justice, Supreme Court
                         Texas (Self), Austin, TX
                  Thomas, Linda Chief Justice, 5th Court of Appeals
                         (Legislative Committees), Dallas, TX