Urban Affairs Committee
May 20, 2004-10:00A

Interim Charge #3
    On:       Baloutine, Jeff (Self)
              Cameron, Drew (City of San Antonio)
              Carrington, Edwina (TDHCA)
              Hatton, Bruce (Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas)
              Markson, Dan (Self and NRP Group)
              Maxwell, Susan (Texas Council for Developmental
              Mueller, Elizabeth (Self)
              Ocanas, Reymundo (TACDC)
              Way, Heather (Self)
              Williams, Sandra (TACDC and Alamo Arca Mutual Housing
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Brown, William King (Self)
              Browning, Robyn (Community Resource Group Inc.)
              Campbel, Leah (TXCDC)
              Castaneda, David (Texas Low Income Housing Interfaith)
              Chatham, Donna (ARCIT)
              Crowell, Norman Lee (Self)
              Curran, Brenda L. (Self)
              Doggett, Robert (Self)
              Henneberger, John (Texas Low Income Housing Information
              Hood, Wannda (Texas Low Income Housing Information
              Johnson, D'Ann (Self)
              Mock, Nelson (Self)
              Morns, John (Self)
              Park, Jodi (Coalition of Texas with Disabilities)
              Paup, Karen (Texas Low Income Housing Information
              Pina, Alice (Texas Low Income Housing Austin Interfaith)
              Roh, Ruby (Texas Low Income Inter Faith)
              Romo, Angela (Texas Low Income Housing Information
              Shaw, Margaret (Texas Partners Affordable Housing
                   Development and Casualty)
              Smith, Clint (Gray Panthers of Texas)
              Torres, Ida (Texas Low Income Inter Faith)
              Troxell, Richard (House the Homeless Inc. & National
                   Coalition for the Homeless)
              Tyler, Kathleen (Self)
              Walker, Kwame (City of Dallas)
              Widrow, Robert (Self)
              Zamarron, Lourdes (Austin Interfaith)