Urban Affairs Committee
April 9, 2003-10:30A

HB 1859
    For:      Gabriel, Charles (Self)
              Gabriel, Janice (Self)
    Against:  Harrell, Will (ACLU, NAACP, LULAC)
              Hernandez, Arturo (Self and Texas Association of
                   Substance Abuse Programs)

HB 1970 Committee Substitute (CSHB 1970)
    For:      Higgins, Mike (Texas State Assoc. of Fire Fighters)
              Hutmacher, James (Bexar County Sheriff's Law Enforcement

HB 2363
    For:      Williams, Steve (Houston Prof. Fire Fighters L-341)

HB 2889
    For:      Jackson, Dock (Self)

HB 3232
    For:      Agamalian, Brandon (City of Fort Worth)

HB 3236 Committee Substitute (CSHB 3236)
    For:      Casto, Larry (City of Dallas)
              Lyons, Steve (Houston Police Dept & City of Houston)
              Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)
              Reed, Malcolm (Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association)

HB 3551 Committee Substitute (CSHB 3551)
    For:      Chapman, William (City of El Paso)