State Cultural and Recreational Resources Committee
April 22, 2003-2:00P

HB 139
    For:      Rodman, Tom (Self)
    On:       Dolman, Wilson E. (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)

HB 621
    On:       Sinclair, David (Texas Parks & Wildlife)

HB 1434
    On:       Potter, Daniel (Texas Historical Commission)

HB 1745
    On:       Hernandez, Ricardo (Texas Commission on the Arts)

HB 2674
    For:      Suttle, Richard (Self)

HB 3488
    For:      Hernandez, Ramon (Museum of American Music History,
                   Hispanic Entertainment Archives)
              Justice, Jr., Jason (Texas Association of HUBs)
              Williams, Stephen G. (American Showcase Programs, Inc.,
                   Museum of American Music History)
    On:       Colley, Terry (Texas Historical Commission)
              Hernandez, Ricardo (Texas Commission on the Arts)
              Monahan, Casey (Texas Music Office, Governor's Office)

HCR 92
    For:      Campos, Lorenzo (Self)
              Gutierrez, Andrea (Self)
              Kulvicki, Dennis M. (Self and The Star Day Foundation)
              Minjares, Carmen (Self)
              Torrez, Andrew (Self)