State Cultural and Recreational Resources Committee
April 8, 2003-2:00P

HB 505
    For:      Lloyd, Margaret (Scenic Texas)
    Against:  Clark, Jeff (National Federation of Independent Business
              Ford, Curtis (Self)
              Herrick, Charles (Self)
              Reagan, Billy (Self)
              St. Romain, Jane (St. Romain Outdoor)
              Vela, Lee (Clear Channel Outdoor & Outdoor Advertising
                   Assoc. of TX)
    On:       Anderson, Tim (Texas Department of Transportation)

HB 994
    For:      Huber, Karen (Self)
              January-Bevers, Deborah (Greater Houston Partnership)
              Lloyd, Margaret (Bill Ware)
              Lloyd, Margaret (Bruce Wilke)
              Lloyd, Margaret (Scenic Texas & The Scenic Coalition)
              Shaddock, Carroll (Scenic Texas, Inc.)
    Against:  Clark, Jeffrey (National Federation of Independent
                   Business - NFIB)
              Ford, Curtis (Self)
              Herrick, Charles (Self)
              Jividen, Kyle C. (Self)
              Poole, Mike (Media Outdoor Advertising, Inc. & Benchmark
              St. Romain, Jane (Self)
              Vela, Lee (Clear Channel Outdoor & Outdoor Adv. Assoc.
                   of Texas)
    On:       Anderson, Tim (TXDOT)

HB 1414
    On:       Young, Larry E. (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.)

HB 1764
    On:       Dolman, Wilson E. (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.)

HB 1989
    On:       Anderson, Dwayne "Sparky" (Clean Water Action)
              Cook, Robert L. (TX Parks & Wildlife Dept.)
              Durocher, Philip P. (Texas Parks & Wildlife)

HB 2159
    For:      Garza, Makateonenodua Raul (Self)
              Garza, Jr., Isidro (Self)
    Against:  Gilleland, Ellis (Self and "Texas - Animals")
    On:       Sinclair, David (Texas Parks and Wildlife)

HB 2470
    For:      Giles, Luke (Coastal Conservation Association Texas)
              Murray, Pat (Coastal Conservation Association Texas)

HB 2471
    On:       Dike, Jerry (Texas Dept. of Transportation)

HB 2582
    For:      Floyd, Robert (Texas Music Educators Assc. & Texas
                   Coalition for Quality Arts Education)
              Orr, Bruce (Patricia Porter, Executive Director North
                   Texas Business Committee for the Arts)
              Orr, Bruce (Rene Lawrence)
              Orr, Bruce (Self and Texas Music Project)
    On:       Hernandez, Ricardo (Texas Commission on the Arts)

HB 2779
    For:      Bristol, George L. (Texas Coalition for Conservation)
              Hess, Myron (National Wildlife Federation)
              Sybert, Brian (Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter)

HB 2900
    On:       Richlen, Craig (Texas Parks & Wildlife)

HB 2926
    For:      Malone, Rod (Boating Trades Assoc. of Texas)

HJR 89
    For:      Bristol, George L. (Texas Coalition for Conservation)
              Sybert, Brian (Sierra Club, Lonestar Chapter)