State Cultural and Recreational Resources Committee
April 1, 2003-2:00P

HB 457
    For:      King, Jack (Sportsmen Conservationist of Texas)
              Lewis, Bill (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
    On:       Johnston, Dennis (Texas Parks & Wildlife)

HB 1937
    For:      Johnson, Helen (Self and State Firemen's & Fire
                   Marshals' Assoc.)
    On:       Sandefer, Morris E. (Office of the Fire Fighters Pension

HB 2207
    For:      Reagan, Bill (Self)
              Scott, Brad (Reagan National Advertising)
    Against:  Brady, Chris (City of San Antonio, City Hall)
              Douglas, Gilbert (The City of Houston)
              Lloyd, David (City of Austin)
              Shaddock, Carroll (Scenic Texas, Inc.)
              Watson, Max (Greater Houston Partnership)
    On:       Anderson, Tim (Texas Department of Transportation)

HB 2351
    On:       Stiles, Frances (Texas Parks & Wildlife)