State Cultural and Recreational Resources Committee
March 25, 2003-2:00P

HB 1427
    For:      Benson, Dave (City of Lakeway)
              Edwards, Charles A. (City of Lakeway)
              Jones, Virginia W. (Board of Aldermen, Village of the
              Schulle, Jr., Gerhardt (City of Lakeway)
              Traeger, Drew (Town of Hollywood Park)
    Against:  Hagen, Brynn (Self and Texas Humane Legislation Network)
    On:       Boruff, Scott (Texas Parks & Wildlife)
              Sinclair, David (Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.)

HB 1837
    For:      Kam, Thomas (Self)
              Turner, Robert (Bob) (Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Assoc.)
    Against:  Johnson, Amy (Concerned Citizens for Medway Preserve)
              Plummer, Junie (City of Austin)
              Stallings, Robin (Texas Bicycle Industry & Texas Bicycle